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Stellar Atmospheres (2015), featuring the instrument The Dervishes, created by Andy Cavatorta. 

The Sea (2014), commissioned by Contemporaneous. 


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Stellar Atmospheres (2015)

for female voices, viol consort, and The Dervishes
duration: 15'30"

Carrie Henneman-Shaw, soprano
Elizabeth Pearce, soprano
Kayleigh Butcher, mezzo-soprano
Molly Herron, The Dervishes
Kivie Kahn-Lipman, bass viol
Loren Ludwig, bass viol
Doug Balliett, violone

Premiered on October 17, 2015 on the SONiC Festival

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The Same River (2015)

for Concert Black
duration: 11'

Domenica Fossati, alto flute and voice
Eleonore Oppenheim, double bass and voice
Owen Weaver, percussion and voice

Commissioned by Concert Black

Premiered on July 13, 2015 at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, Fairbanks, AK

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The Sea (2014)

for chamber orchestra and five singers
duration: 9'

David Bloom, conductor
Lucy Dhegrae, Charlotte Mundy, Ariadne Greif, sopranos
Sean Christenson, tenor
Alex Samaras, Bass

Commissioned by Contemporaneous and MATA

Premiered on February 21, 2014 at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY on MATA's Interval Series

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Full Blood Moon (2014)

for overtone harp and double bass
duration: 7'30"

Lisa Dowling, double bass
Molly Herron, overtone harp (keyboard)
Amy Garapic, overtone harp (tactile)

Commissioned by the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Premiered on October 18, 2015 on the ACO's SONiC Festival, Brooklyn, NY

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The Same River (2015), commissioned by Concert Black and featuring poetry by John Knight.

Full Blood Moon (2014) featuring the instrument The Overtone Harp

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